Cure for Prostate Cancer: Masturbation

Yes, that's right. Masturbation helps prevent men from having prostate cancer. BBC has reported some news about the Australian research.

Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting
prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found. It is believed that
carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate
I always have the impression that anything that's too much is cancerous so I thought masturbating regularly could lead to prostate cancer. I was wrong.

Masturbation may prevent prostate cancer [Feed Me]

Hypertension: The Silent Killer

Many cases of hypertension have shown minor symptoms and sometimes none at all, thus calling it the silent killer. I am suffering from it and I thought sharing some information about hypertension or high blood pressure could save some lives.

What is Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure is what keeps us alive. It circulates the blood through several parts of our body and sends nutrients and oxygen to our vital organs. For every beat of the heart, it pumps blood into the arteries and creates a pressure on it.

What Makes a Blood Pressure Go High?
Blood pressure changes through out the day as you do different activities. The normal blood pressure is measured around 120/85mmHg, wherein the first number is called systolic and the second one is diastolic. These numbers tell us whether we are going hypertensive or not so it is better to keep an eye on those. Blood pressure go above the normal depending on the activities we are engaged in, and also on the diet and lifestyle that we have. If your blood pressure reaches 140/90 or higher, then you are hypertensive or as we say it in Tagalog, 'High blood ka na' and you need to take a rest, take your medicines or consult a doctor. People who have a higher risk of being hypertension are:

  • smokers (whether you are a chain smoker or not)
  • people who are overweight
  • people who regularly eat salty and fatty foods
  • people who take more alcohol
  • people who are usually under stress
  • people who don't have much activity or exercise
  • people with high cholesterol level
  • people with diabetes
  • people with heart disease
  • people who had stroke
  • people with kidney disease
What are the Symptoms of Hypertension?
Normally, hypertension don't give off any warnings so most of the time you'll never know that you're having it. For some people, they experience these symptoms:
  • heavy feeling on the back of the neck and on the forehead
  • blood pressure is palpating and you feel it in your veins
How to Prevent High Blood Pressure?
Here's what you can do to prevent hypertension:
  • do not eat too much salty and fatty foods
  • maintain your ideal weight
  • exercise regularly
  • sleep at least 6-8 hours a day
  • stop smoking
  • limit alcohol intake
  • avoid too much caffeine
  • monitor your blood pressure regularly
  • take medications against high blood pressure
  • when you're having high blood pressure right now, deeply breathing (inhale deeply then hold it for 5 seconds then exhale) will help you relax and lower your blood pressure right away.
Hypertension, if left untreated could lead to stroke, heart diseases, kidney failure, blindness, and even death. It is a silent killer but it is also a serious disease that we should all be aware of. Any age could be hypertensive, yes even kids, so let us not take this for granted. Have your blood pressure checked regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.


What Is The Healthiest Cooking Oil?

I used to fry with coconut oil, since it is most commonly used by Filipinos and is the most available in any mini-store, until someone told me to use Canola oil instead. They say it is healthier and that you won't be worried of having a heart disease because you are using a healthy cooking oil. Was it any different from coconut oil or vegetable oil that are commonly seen in stores? How does it become healthier that the others? I did a research on Canola oil and other common cooking oils as well.

From Wikipedia:
Cooking oil is purified fat of plant or animal origin, which is liquid at room temperature.

It is not actually the kind of cooking oil that determines whether it is healthy or not but from the type of fat it is composed of.

Let us start of with the bad fats. Saturated fats increase the LDL cholesterol (also known as bad cholesterol) and total blood cholesterol. Another member of the bad fats group is called Trans fats, which increases the bad cholesterol and decreases the good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). We should avoid using cooking oils with high content of saturated fats and/or trans fats.

Then there are the good fats, Polysaturated fats and Monosaturated fats. These type of fats lower the total blood cholesterol and bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. And by the way, Omega 3 fatty acids are Polysaturated fats.

It doesn't matter what cooking oil are you using as oil as it has no saturated and trans fats and more of the polysaturated and monosaturated fats. I grouped this cooking oils for you:

Healthy cooking oils:

  • canola oil
  • peanut oil
  • olive oil
  • sunflower oil
  • corn oil
  • soft margarine (non-hydrogenated)
Unhealthy cooking oils:
  • coconut oil
  • hard margarine
  • butter
  • palm oil
  • palm kernel oil
  • vegetable shortening
Website Fatfreekitchen lists the amount of saturated, polysaturated, and monosaturated fats found in each type of cooking oil here.

Cooking oils are for foods that are best eaten when fried or sauteed, but we should eat less of it. If you could manage to eat fat-free meals, that would be much better.


Secret in Making A Perfect Boiled Egg

Here's what I learned from my girlfriend about boiling eggs. Fill the pot with water, enough to cover the whole egg. Turn on the fire at maximum so that the water boils faster. When the water starts boiling, wait for exactly 12 minutes before turning off the stove. I've been doing this since I learned about it and every time I get perfectly boiled eggs.

Thanks Chawa!

P.S. This has to be my first official blog post after a year. I will try my best to post health tips more often. Thanks to all readers!

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