Garlic Doesn't Really Lower Cholesterol

A recent study has concluded that garlic, whether fresh or in supplement form, doesn't help in lowering cholesterol. This is a disappointing news to everyone who has been depending on garlic all these years.

"We did a bigger and better trial than has ever been done before and with NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding, not with supplement-manufacturer funding. And as far as lowering cholesterol, garlic didn't work," said Christopher D. Gardner, study lead author and nutrition scientist and assistant professor with the Stanford Prevention Research Center in Stanford, Calif.
Beliefs in garlic as a cure for many serious illnesses started way back the Egyptian era and doctors have even backed up that. Don't worry, your suffering for bad breath caused by the garlic is not really gone to waste. Even if it may not lower cholesterol, it does in fact lower your blood pressure.

Study Crushes Garlic's Claim to Lower Cholesterol - Yahoo Health

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