Loose Weight By Wearing Comfortable Clothes

To burn kilojoules at work, take the stairs, not the lift, or hang up the phone and walk to your colleague's office.

Great advice, but when you're in an uncomfortable suit and tie or toe-crunching high heels, taking even one step can feel like climbing Everest. Dress less restrictively and you're more likely to move, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin.

They gave 53 people who work in bank, nursing home, schools and book-shops a pedometer to track their activity. When the workers wore jeans or khakis, cotton shirts and comfortable shoes, they took about 500 more steps and burned more kilojoules than on dressier days.

Most of us add up to one kilo a year; dressing down daily could prevent this weight gain, says lead researcher Katie Zahour, an exercise physiology graduate student.

Dress Down, Slim Down - Reader's Digest Asia

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